Key Criteria and Tips on your Submission

This year the judges will be asked to consider your application based on several key criteria words and how these make you the best of the category entrants.

When answering these questions it’s important to think about how the question is stated, what element of business management is it referring to, and why your business is the best representative of it’s category.

The criteria words for 2022 are


Other things to consider are collaboration and fostering the growth of our industry through innovation and advocacy (spreading the work you do far and wide and how you do this).


Tips for completing your submission

  1. Check out past award winning businesses and look for the things that make them unique. Check out social media, look at their skills and composition of images, and read their messaging. What are they doing for the industry, as a small business, and how they serve their customers.
  2. Once you’ve logged into the portal you can cut and paste the questions for your category into a document and work offline. Spend some time thinking about the questions and compose your answers (being mindful that most questions have a 300 word answer limit). If a question feels hard to answer pose the question to a business mentor or coach, or someone you’ve worked with who knows why you’re amazing and can guide you to think more critically about why you deserve to win.
  3. Addressing the question without going on a tangent will help the judges to understand how your business operates, or what differentiates you from the rest. Be concise, and remember each word counts.
  4. Save your work in a document you can come back to. This is a critical step! It’s better to write, take some time to reflect, and then come back and edit.
  5. Answer all the questions, and complete all of the data requirements. Any incomplete entries will be deemed ineligible. Take your time, and if you need help reach out to the Awards Team – we are here to assist.
  6. Evidence your claims. If you refer to a specific event that you’re proud of in your answer make sure you can submit evidence in the form of imagery to support this. Our judges are looking for proof of your abilities and amazing work.
  7. Addressing the criteria is key. Take your time to answer questions clearly and concisely and refer to the key criteria words for this year. Judges are looking at your business acumen, your customer service skills (this is how our industry grows and thrives), and your passion for what you do.
  8. Environmental impacts. Our industry has some key environmental challenges to overcome in the next few years and with a lot of our events serving the next generations it’s important for us to think about protecting their future. Think about how your business is working to make sustainable changes, even if you think they are small or insignificant they are not. We want parties to be a staple yearly event for everyone and making them eco-sustainable is a key component of moving our industry forward.
  9. Editing and proofreading. Not everyone is great with spelling and grammar – and that’s absolutely ok. We suggest you get someone else to read your submission and give you feedback though. And use the spelling and grammar checker on your draft. Submission answers that are hard to read or don’t make clear sense will make it harder for the judges to score you well if they have to reread sentences over and over to understand your point.

TIP: Read your answer out loud. Hear what you’re saying rather than just reading.

  1. Think about the challenges you’ve overcome to get where you are. Acknowledging how hard you work to produce valuable and spectacular events is important. Do this with humility and without bragging and engage the judges so that they understand that your passion is what drives you to find solutions.
  2. IMAGES: These are so important to showcase your talent, evidence your answers, and to promote our industry. We encourage you to take the time to evaluate your images before you submit them. Think about the composition of the image, is it balanced and does it show your work, are the colours indicative of the theme and how well are they represented in the image. Is your style and design evident in the images you are submitting. Remember if you have an incredible event happening before the awards entries close you can wait to complete your submission and include professional images if they are going to be available to you. We also suggest you choose a good cross-section of the work you produce as multiple images of the same event do not show diversity.


Still Stuck? You can reach out to the Awards Coordination Team for assistance at any time.

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