Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I enter?

Head over to the enter page, choose the category that applies to your business and pay your entry fee.

Once you’ve made payment you’ll be prompted to create an account giving you a unique login to the site where you’ll find your submission form.

Can I enter more than one category?

Yes, businesses can enter across multiple categories if they meet eligibility requirements.

You’ll need to go through the entry process for each category – including payment, and filling in the entry forms to complete your submission. 

Do I need to be nominated?

No. You must enter your business yourself, including if you’re a sole trader.

The Awards are designed to bring exposure and recognition to our industry as a whole. We encourage you to get involved, be seen, and share your talent with a wider audience.

And we know from experience that the only way to get recognised, to grow and be seen by your audience is to put yourself out there.

We encourage you to step forward, enter the awards, and share that you are worthy of the same accolade as other larger businesses. 

I don't use PayPal

Once you click ENTER NOW from the ENTER page you’ll be redirected to a PayPal® window in order to complete your payment.
PayPal® is used as our payment gateway and even without an account you can make a payment via credit card just select the ‘Guest Checkout’ option.
If you require an alternative option please send us a contact enquiry and we will assist you.

We are a National Awards

The 2022 Awards will remain a national awards.
So when you win you will know you’ve competed across the whole of Australia.

In future years we may move to a State based awards, but for now you’re the best of the best Australia wide.

I haven't thought about my business in the way the criteria describes.

You might surprise yourself when you answer questions about your business in this format.

We are all running successful businesses and serving clients and making measured improvements everyday. Answering the questions to complete your submission might help you better express your business competence next time you come across a challenge. 

You can also check out the submission guide for a broad outline of what to think about when answering questions. 

What if I can't attend the Awards Night

You don’t need to be able to attend our Awards Gala Event in order to be a winner. 

Our awards are given to the most deserving business through a peer reviewed process and that isn’t determined by whether you can attend on the night. 

All winners who are not present in person will receive their prize pack in the mail. 

Do I have to be big to win?

Your business turnover, and the number of clients you serve is not in question here.

We aim to recognise no matter what size your business is that service excellence and commitment to doing what you love is at the forefront of your business.

How is my application being assessed?

Our judges follow a list of criteria to assess your entry.

This is done anonymously by an independent panel of experts who work in the party industry, or who have skills that are complimentary like design, artistic skills, branding, large scale events, and lots more amazing business people who volunteer their time to assess your submission.

Got a Tech Issue

If you’ve entered but are having a technical issue reach out to Erin.



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The Partypreneurs

Feel like you’re not quite ready for to enter the awards? Members of the Party Industry and those in the early phases of building their business are encouraged to check out Party Stylists Australia’s professional membership. Providing a supportive, educational platform to help you build your business on a solid foundation.


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